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Respect and caring

STANLEY has always been to "family culture" as the main line, respect theirpersonality and human nature, respect andthe staff to meet the multi-level needs, care about the growth and development of employees. The company leadership andstaff equal exchange, organize monthly"heart communication", let the staff andsenior leadership of face to facecommunication, treat each issues raised by staff seriously, give answers and public reply result. On the other hand, through theorganization of regular paid travel, singlesodality, games / entertainment evening,weekend activities enrich the lives of employees. The company provides acomplete welfare and performance and incentive mechanism for employees to make every employee feel the warmth of homeand company, realize self value.
Learning and Training

The company has been committed to staff knowledge and skills upgrading, stimulate their creativity and potential, improve the comprehensive quality of the team. The company has established a scientific and standardized training system and management system, the annual investment in staff training are giving their. Executives and backbone such as the organization of employees to Beijing University, Tsinghua University to participate in the seminar, the establishment of marketing offshore business school, with the domestic and international benchmarking enterprise learning exchanges, regular meeting of professional seminars, professional skill training etc.. In the work, for training employees, encourage through decentralization, decentralization of the employee participation in management, allowing employees to truly become the masters of the company.
Innovation and incentives

The company attaches importance to innovative ability, there is the idea of the talents, firmly believe that innovation is the important success factors for rapid development of enterprises, adapt to the changing. To stimulate the employee's innovation, let the good idea of staff, expressed good advice, the company vigorously promote the "millions of innovation" action, took out 1000000 per year to reward innovation scheme proposed, boutique case employees, so as to promote the virtuous cycle of sustained innovation company. At the same time, the Department set up a daily reward incentive fund to reward outstanding work, diligent and capable staff, let the staff every sincere effort, every small progress are recognized by the company and reward.
Coordination and implement ation

"There are no 100% scheme, only 100% of the implementation of". The realization of the company focus on efficiency and results of the work, has formed a complete system, the first meeting of the coordination responsibility system etc.. At the same time, the company is compound fertilizer industry first introduced the SAP information management system of international advanced enterprises, realize the production and marketing, finance and marketing, and other management functions between the high integration, to provide a strong guarantee organic convergence and collaboration for the enterprise of each module.
Compared with the upgrade

"Fair competition and increasing vitality, compared to a management efficiency". In the company departments and between departments, between affiliates and subsidiaries, sales region between are regularly compared to the performance management, completion, key indicators, the sales revenue reached a rate of the completion rate of comparative management. Comparison of management is not limited to the company, also go out with the same industry and even the comparison of cross industry, through the comparison to find their own learning benchmarking enterprises, learning experience, good mode, promote the development of the company. Every time progress, all is the starting point for the next progress.