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Founded in 1992, Stanley Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. is an integrated agricultural service provider engaged in the production and sale of compound fertilizer, grain storage, agricultural information consultation, agricultural technology promotion, and agricultural trade. The company has been rated as the National Key High-tech Enterprise, the Technology Innovation Model Company, and the largest tower compound fertilizer production base in China. Stanley has more than 8000 stuff. The total asset of Stanley is amounted to 6.3 billion yuan, and annual production capacity is 5.2 million tons. In 2011, Stanley A-share has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 2017, Stanley Agricultural Group won the National Technology Invention Award.

Stanley has ten subsidiaries located in Shandong, Jilin, Guangxi, Hubei, Henan, Jiangxi, and Gansu Province.Stanley has more than 2000 Sales service networks in the 31 provinces in China, achieving the overall layout of research and development, production, marketing and service in the whole country.

Stanley company help the development of modern agricultureand  pay attention to science and technology research and development and international cooperation.At present, we have “functional biological fertilizer state local joint engineering laboratory", "national enterprise technology center", "national fertilizer engineering research center", "national post-doctoral scientific research workstation", "academician workstation" and other national research and development platform.uccessively with nations hybrid rice, corn, wheat, vegetables, national engineering research center for cotton, tsinghua university, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Shanghai chemical industry research institute and other more than 30 advanced scientific research institutes at home and abroad and deep cooperation.Successively for more than 30 national and provincial science and technology plan projects, to declare the patent 120, 58 authorized invention patents.

At the same time, continue to strengthen international technical exchanges and cooperation, one after another with world-class university purdue university of agriculture and Wageningen university in the Netherlands signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the United States AgSource, the use of chemicals, such as France grand Lima famous agricultural organizations to achieve cooperation.

In terms of product variety, Stanley has been focused on the specialized production of special fertilizer, and developed Stanley San an, the 4th Element and Jinsu(Power) and other special products for the different demand. Stanley San an is the first compound fertilizer product that the total nutrient content reaching to 54% in China. The 4th Element adds trace elements, mainly for the problem of trace elements lack in the soil in China. Jinsu(Power) is mainly targeted at high-end cash crops.

Based on the development trend of domestic agriculture, the company has set up agricultural service subsidiary and constructed the whole industry chain service platform,providing integrated services including seed, fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, food trade, finance, information and so on for the large growers, family farms, agricultural cooperatives. At present, the agricultural service subsidiary has set up nine joint ventures in the northeast, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Hebei and other places, and transfer more than 500 thousand mu arable land. Also, the agricultural service subsidiary has grain warehouse with the storage capacity of more than 500 thousand tons. The company has initially achieved the production and sales integration.